APRIL 25, 2024
William Schlitz
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Statement by Roderick Miles on the Urgent Need for Reform in Tarrant County Jail

Fort Worth, TX - The recent proposal and attempt to reorganize Tarrant County's criminal court system is not merely an administrative change; it's a frontal assault on the separation of powers that underpins our democracy. This plan, which seeks to transfer the oversight of key judicial support staff from the judiciary to the executive branch, represents a dangerous consolidation of power that threatens the independence of our courts.

Once again, our community is shaken by a tragic death in Tarrant County jail. The recent loss of Anthony Johnson, a situation that was both preventable and heart-wrenching, highlights the critical failures within our criminal justice system. Over 60 deaths since 2017 show a disturbing pattem of neglect and mismanagement.

As Judge O'Hare and our Sheriff plays politics, our county suffers from inaction on pressing issues that deeply affect human lives. We must take urgent action and implement a comprehensive overhaul of jail policies, emphasizing enhanced mental health support and robust oversight to enforce safety standards.Transparency and accountability must be at the forefront of these reforms.

We stand with the Johnson family in their time of grief and join their call for justice. Immediate action is essential. We urge Tarrant County officials and the United States Department of Justice to conduct a thorough investigation into these recurring fatalities and to implement the necessary reforms to prevent further loss of life.


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