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a life of dedication
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Rooted in Tarrant County, Shaped by Community Values

Roderick Miles Jr. hails from Fort Worth, Precinct One, a place that profoundly influenced his character and values. Raised by his parents, Roderick Miles Sr. and Linda Miles-Harden, he was introduced to service at an early age. Roderick was active in the youth ministry at St. Andrews United Methodist Church and performed with the choir at nursing homes and other community events.

Family has played a significant role in preparing Roderick to serve. Roderick’s grandparents, Bill and Henry Jewel Miles, were trailblazers in Tarrant County. They opened one of the first Black owned grocery stores in Fort Worth and through their real estate business helped empower people of color to purchase their own homes. This left a lasting impression on Roderick and made him aware of the power of community based businesses. 

His educational journey began at O.D. Wyatt High School where he thrived academically and continued his passion for music as a member of the O.D. Wyatt Singing Chaparrals. After high school, Roderick attended Tarrant County College - South Campus before finding his academic home at Philander Smith College in Little Rock, Arkansas, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. While attending Philander Smith College, Roderick was elected Vice President of the Student Government Association, Regional President of the United Negro College Fund Pre-Alumni Council and member of the award winning Philander Smith Collegiate Choir. He continued his quest for knowledge by pursuing a Master of Divinity at the St. Paul School of Theology in Kansas City, Missouri.

Roderick's story transcends degrees; it's a tale of passion and service that has left an enduring impact on the communities he has touched.

A Heart-Driven Path of Service

As a mentor, youth advocate, and community steward, Roderick's career soared during his remarkable 10 years at Big Brothers Big Sisters Lone Star. In his role as the African American Partnership Manager, his heart-driven approach transformed him into a pivotal figure for North Texas and Greater Houston's African American initiatives. His remarkable leadership extended to forming crucial bonds with community and government stakeholders, such as the Urban League of Greater North Texas, United Way of Tarrant County, Concord Baptist Church, Potter’s House Dallas, Tarrant Net, City of Fort Worth, Crowley ISD, and Fort Worth ISD. Under his guidance, African American male volunteers within the agency surged by 75%, and he birthed the annual Greek Bowl for Kids' Sake fundraiser, which raised over $90k to empower children of color with mentorship opportunities.

Roderick is a dedicated member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Beta Tau Lambda Chapter, serving as the Southwestern Region Chaplain. He actively contributes as a board member of Empathy HQ, the Renaissance Heights Foundation, and COACT NTX. Roderick's commitment is further demonstrated through his graduation from the 2018 Leadership Fort Worth and Leadership ISD programs. He continues to serve as a devoted Big Brother and previously served as Chair of the Greater Fort Worth Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Committee, consistently proving his dedication to causes close to his heart.

A deep commitment to making a difference.

Precinct One Executive Administrator of Programs and Outreach

As the Precinct One Executive Administrator of Programs and Outreach for Tarrant County Commissioner Roy Charles Brooks, Roderick's passion continues to drive his work. His responsibilities encompass a wide array of programs, from Prostate Cancer Awareness & Screening to Human Trafficking, all grounded in his unwavering commitment to make a meaningful difference. He also founded the Grow Southeast Urban Farm Initiative, addressing food disparities by empowering Southeast Fort Worth residents to convert their properties into farms, providing fresh produce to underserved minority communities. With five flourishing urban farms and a monthly "The Mindful Market" Farmers Market at Texas Wesleyan University, Roderick's commitment to community-driven change shines brightly. He is nurturing a farmer apprenticeship program, cultivating future community leaders with the same fervor that propels him.

A Family Man with a Heart for Others

In his personal life, Roderick's heart extends to his family. He shares his life's journey with his beloved wife, Cassandra, and together they find immense joy in raising two remarkable daughters, Danielle and Gabrielle.

A Mission of Excellence and Inspiration

Roderick's mission is crystal clear: to serve people with unparalleled excellence, guiding them to discover their passions and uncover their "WHY." It's a mission born of a heart brimming with passion, and it serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for all fortunate enough to know him.

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