APRIL 25, 2024
William Schlitz
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Statement by Roderick Miles on Tarrant County DA Appealing Crystal Mason Ruling

Fort Worth, TX - The recent proposal and attempt to reorganize Tarrant County's criminal court system is not merely an administrative change; it's a frontal assault on the separation of powers that underpins our democracy. This plan, which seeks to transfer the oversight of key judicial support staff from the judiciary to the executive branch, represents a dangerous consolidation of power that threatens the independence of our courts.

We are appalled by the Tarrant County District Attorney's decision to appeal the acquittal of Crystal Mason, a move that blatantly disregards justice and continues to misuse public resources. The relentless pursuit of Ms. Mason, under the pretense of preventing voter fraud, aims unjustly at intimidating voters, particularly within minority communities. The appellate court's clear ruling acknowledged the absence of any intentional wrongdoing by Ms. Mason, who was merely attempting to participate in her civic duty without knowledge of her ineligibility.

This decision to appeal her rightful acquittal is a direct attack on our democracy and a blatant example of legal overreach that seeks to instill fear rather than foster freedom and participation in the electoral process. It represents a continuation of a harmful narrative that threatens the very core of our nation's values by penalizing what was, at worst, a minor oversight and not a criminal act.

The Tarrant County DA must immediately retract this decision. Additionally we must reject these ongoing attempts by the Governor, Judge O'Hare and the Tarrant County District Attorney's office to silence our community and take away our fundamental right to vote.Our community must come together and protect the integrity of our democratic processes and stand firm against any actions that undermine the rights of citizens to engage freely and fearlessly in voting or engaging their elected officials—a fundamental pillar of our society.


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