APRIL 16, 2024
William Schlitz
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Roderick Miles Calls On Judge O'Hare To Apologize For Disrespectful Remarks Towards Commissioner Simmons

Fort Worth, TX - In response to Judge Timothy O'Hare's attack on Commissioner Simmons at the Tarrant County Commissioners Court meeting today, candidate Roderick Miles has issued the following statement:

I am appalled by Judge O'Hare's conduct today at the Tarrant County Commissioners Court. His disrespectful words directed at Commissioner Simmons—I'm the one talking now, so you'll sit there and be quiet and listen to me talk'—is utterly unacceptable. Such behavior has no place in our governance or community, particularly as it belittles and demeans Black women. As a member of our community, proudly married to a Black woman, and the father of two Black daughters, Judge O'Hare should immediately apologize to Commissioner Simmons for his condescending words and to every resident of Tarrant County for his unacceptable behavior.


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